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From the Annual Appeal comic by Michelle Ollie. See more below.

Our Annual Appeal Comics

This year’s annual appeal comic is by Cara Bean and is on the act of drawing, which focuses your attention and intimately connects you with the generative act of creation. It’s an inspiring read.

Download a free copy!

Appeal comic by Liniers

Cartoonists Are Like That

By Liniers, CCS Fellow 2016-17

Support comic by Tille Walden


By Tillie Walden ′16

Appeal Comic by Luke Kruger-Howard

Giant Helping Hands

By Luke Kruger-Howard ′13

Support Comics Max

My Dear Friends

By Max de Radiguès, CCS Fellow 2009-10

Support comic Schulz

The Center for Cartoon Studies in Six Acts

By Gabby Schulz, CCS Fellow 2006-07

Support comic McFadzean

Diary of a CCS Student

By Dakota McFadzean ′08