Does The Center for Cartoon Studies teach animation?
The Cartoon in our name refers to “cartoonist.” Animation and cartooning require many similar skills and would-be animators would benefit greatly by CCS’s curriculum.

Does The Center for Cartoon Studies teach design?
Yes. The curriculum integrates both graphic design and desktop publishing skills.

When can I apply?
CCS accepts applications at all times; however, students are admitted on a first come, first accepted basis. Click here to go to the Admissions section now…

Where can I find the application?
Download a copy of The Center for Cartoon Studies admissions application, or apply online, in the Admissions section. Click here to go to the Admissions section now…

Is a portfolio required for Admissions?
Yes. A sampling of your work illustrates your experience, creativity, and skill levels. Click here to go to the Admissions section now…

Does CCS participate in federal loans and grants?
While we are not able to offer federally subsidized loans and grants, we do partner with Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC) to offer students the option of applying for private educational loans. For more information, visit the Tuition Payment Options & Loans section of our Admissions page.

Is CCS accredited?
The Center for Cartoon Studies is approved by the State of Vermont Agency of Education to award Master of Fine Arts degrees and certificates to eligible students. CCS is not accredited. Click here to read The Center for Cartoon Studies Accreditation Question comic by Andy Warner ′12.

What is the difference between the  MFA,Two-Year Certificate, and One-Year Certificate programs?
There is no difference in tuition, class schedule, faculty, resources, or graduation requirements between the MFA program and the Two-Year Certificate. The only distinction is that the Two-Year Certificate program is intended for students who have not earned a Bachelor’s Degree, as CCS is currently only authorized to grant MFAs to students who hold a Bachelor’s Degree. A One-Year Certificate is awarded to students who do not complete the Thesis Year.

Does The Center for Cartoon Studies have computers and Internet access?
Yes. CCS is equipped with Apple computers and scanners and all of our facilities have wireless high-speed internet access.

Does The Center for Cartoon Studies offer assistance with locating housing for students?
Yes. We have several resources for students including housing and dorm-like rental opportunities located directly across the street from the CCS. We send additional information about housing to admitted students.

Does The Center for Cartoon Studies offer courses during the summer?
Yes. Summer sessions include workshops, independent studies, lectures, and more. See Summer Workshop.